Sustainability + Peak

When we decided to start Peak Drinkware, we knew some habits needed to change. It started during the pandemic when the only time we could get together were walks. It was always the same tradition - one of us would grab the to go coffees and we would meet at the national trust or park and we would carry on. 

And we clearly weren’t the only ones stuck in this trend. We would constantly walk by the bins at the trail heads and see overflowing mounds of coffee and tea stained plastic and paper. We knew there were better options, not just for the environment, but for what we were drinking. 

Microplastics are released into hot water when we consume drinks in to go cups. Most chain coffee and cafes in particular use non-plant based cups, so you can consume up to 25,000 microplastics in a single latte ( I am all about alternative milk options, but this is a bit extreme to me!   

We also wanted to make a big dent with our straws… Sure, most places have gotten rid of the plastic ones, but have you ever tried to actually drink out of those paper straws? I appreciate the effort but after 3 sips, it’s like chewing on cold porridge! Unless they are actually compostable materials, we do still have the issue of adding to the trash and waste problems. 

It’s a small step - and we are hoping to do so much more. 

Sound off below with what brands you support that strive off sustainability! Or even better, what you do in your daily life to make easy switches to a more sustainable life. 

Thank you, Peak Family!


Lindsay + Lane