Our Favourite Hikes: A Series

We wanted to start a series for you to check out our favourite family walks.

We thought we'd kick it off with one of the most famous walks in the Peak District which is….(drum roll)

The Mam Tor walk in the Peak District! It is one of the best walks just outside the cutest little village of Castleton. 

The classic Mam Tor walk is all about the views, so aim to visit on a clear day. There is a great big parking lot and if you are lucky, the cutest coffee van parks right at the entrance (don't forget your Peak cup to keep your Flat White nice and warm while you climb to the summit!)

After the initial climb (it's hard and fast so be prepared!) you can soak up the peak (hey!) and then enjoy a nice designated path along the ridge to soak up the amazing landscape of the Peak District. 

hiking in the peak district with family looking at the vista and views along stone path
three women carrying children moms on a hike
mom carrying child and holding hands with another child on hike on cloudy day

Thank you, Peak Family!
Lindsay + Lane